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Usually, an exam essay should be 180-320 words long, but this framework is not rigid and must be indicated in the task along with the topic.
Before writing, it is worth remembering that an essay is not a detailed essay-discourse on a free topic, but only a clear and capacious expression of thoughts on a given problem. Therefore, all essays in English have a general structure:
The title of the essay that reflects the topic or problem that will be revealed in the text. The title should be as concise and understandable. In fact, the title of the essay is similar to the title of the article: the main idea should be carried in it, which will be more fully disclosed in the text.
It should indicate what will be discussed in the main part. The introduction should explain the topic of reasoning and how you understand it, be concise (take about 5-10% of the text), briefly outline the outline of the essay and refer to sources or other data if necessary. Main part
This is the main part of the essay in English, which reveals the problem and your opinion on it, depending on the type of presentation. Here are the arguments and examples, as well as other points of view on the topic. At the end of the main part, the text should smoothly lead the reader to a conclusion.
This part of the work takes about 75-85% of the total text.