Bunny (2024)

Raina has finally had her own encounter with the local cryptid, Bunny. She’s decided to seek them out, in hopes of learning more about them. They quickly merge paths and Raina learns that Bunny is just as excited about forming this new bond.


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cast and crew

Directed and Written by 
Kris Mitchell

Lead Cast
Jojo Greimel as Bunny
Mariah Colby as Raina

Director of Photography
Michael Hubbard

Alex Immonen

Trinity Santa Ana-Sutherland

Sound Mixer
Jasmine Choi
Raina Yarbrough

Script Supervisor
Jamela Lugo-Thomas

Art Direction + Set Design
Hailee McClelland

Costume Design
Kris Mitchell

Special Thanks
Daniella Lyle
Oksana Mirzoyan

behind the scenes 
photos courtesy of trinity santa ana-sutherland