Lila (2023)

Lila Valentin has a problem connecting with others, even those closest to her. She often feels that those around her are flat and uninteresting, including herself. This changes when her mother welcomes a new apprentice, Claire Rowe, into their home.


director’s statement

This story began when I laid eyes on Woman in an Armchair (1874) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The soft colors and the look of ease and curiosity on the woman’s face gave birth to my main character, Lila. Lila’s struggle with emotional depth and connection with others is something I’ve struggled with since I was little. This story is really a sympathetic look at how vulnerable it is to open yourself up to the idea of others and their complexities while letting them embrace yours. Although this topic feels very heavy and personal, I wanted to create a tone that didn’t take itself too seriously while still moving the viewer.

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cast and crew

Directed and Written by 
Kris Mitchell

Produced by
Hailee McClelland
Jamela Lugo-Thomas
Christopher Isabella

Lead Cast
Kristin Davis as Lila
Avalon Barr as Claire

Supporting Cast
Jack Chisik as Lila’s father
Avis Kerns as Lila’s mother

Director of Photography
Cristian Elias

Assistant Director
Hailee McClelland

Assistant Camera
Daniel Giles

Hannah Zimmerman
Virginia Murphy

Curran Landon
Brandon Fecteau

Sound Mixer
Brandon Fecteau
Christopher Isabella

Script Supervisor
Jamela Lugo-Thomas

Art Direction
Amon Waters

Set Design
Nisa Seal
Kris Mitchell

Prop Design
Isis Earth
Dontaonia Christy

Location Supervisor
Cole Kamerick Alfelt-Eller

Jack Chisik 

Costume Design
Emilie Yonker
Maddie Duda
Avis Kerns

Avis Kerns
Kris Mitchell

Makeup Artist
Ashley Sanchez

Jack Chisik
Kris Mitchell
Jamela Lugo-Thomas

Sound Design
Daniel Giles

Daniel Giles
Hannah Zimmerman

20221002 by Otto Benson
Letting Go by Otto Benson
Twinkle by Jack Chisik
Kitty’s Midnight Blessing by Otto Benson

Special Thanks
Oksana Mirzoyan
Cole Kamerick Alfelt-Eller
Kristopher Mitchell
Colleen Mitchell
Marilyn McCory
Robert Mitchell
Gail Cushman
Jenny Bauman
College for Creative Studies Student Government

behind the scenes 
photos courtesy of oksana mirzoyan